Two new releases will be vailable in september :
- DVX011 : MORRISNERI "Cathedral tapes" (vinyl and digital), release : date 20.09.2014
- DVX012 : Larkian "Lunos Qza" (cassette and digital), release date : 27.09.2014

You can have a listen and/or preorder the two releases on our bandcamp page.

On the 27th september, Dead Vox we'll take part in the cassette store day 2014. More informations will come soon, but to date, we can just say that two new releases will be available in september. Otherwise, Sinn/rd and CYLS are playing this summer at the festival "Les Digitales".

We are proud to announce that the next releases will be available on the 21st june 2014 :
- DVX008 : Ernst Halft "Kassette1" (tape and digital)
- DVX009 : Goodbye Ivan "The lost tape" (tape and digital)
- DVX010 : Larkian "Selected drones 2" (tape and digital)

You can have a listen and/or preorder the two releases on our bandcamp page.

28.02.2014 : Bird People spring tour
Bird People is actually planning an april spring tour around the alps for the release of Autumnal Hum.

19.01.2014 : Releases & dates
The year 2014 started well at the Dead Vox HQ. We are proud to announce that we will soon enter the dirty audio tape biz. In the following months, five new releases will be available :
- Niels Hesse "7 Instrumente" (DVX004 : tape and digital)
- Larkian "Selected drones" (DVX005, tape and digital)
- Thisquietarmy "Crowsanne" (DVX006, tape and digital)
- Bird People "Autumnal Hum" (DVX007, vinyl and digital)
- Erns Halft "Kassette1" (DVX008, tape and digital)

The following gigs are also planned:
- 8th february 2014 : Sinn/rd- La Crypte - Lausanne (CH)
- 22nd february 2014 : Sinn/rd & Murcof - SAS - Delémont (CH)
- 7th march 2014 : CYLS - Phonophon - Frankfurt am Main (DE)
- 8th march 2014 : CYLS - RAUM ganzschönkalk - Köln (DE)
- 22nd march 2014 : Sinn/rd - Le Cabinet - Genève (CH)
- 5th april 2014 : Bird People & 17F - La Crypte - Lausanne (CH)
- 17th may 2014 : CYLS - Le Cabinet - Genève (CH)

30.11.2013 : CYLS "Ep"
CYLS "Ep", the next Dead Vox release will be available on monday 9th december 2013.DVX003 is a deep and intense travel provided to the listeners, the perfect blend of ambient-drone and electronica. The five tracks of the record have both the mesmerizing side of the guitar based ambient-drone and the dynamic side offered by electronic music. “Drone step” for your listening pleasure.

29.11.2013 : Sinn/rd dates announced
Sinn/rd will be playing :
- in Lausanne on the 8th february 2014 (La Crypte)
- in Delémont on the 22nd february 2014 (SAS - opening for Murcof and Philippe Petit)
- in Geneva on the 22nd march 2014 (Le Cabinet)